Up River to Turner Bend Shuttles

If you have multiple boats the most cost effective way is to buy  a 'ride along' shuttle. One of our drivers will ride with you to the put-in for you unload your boats and your people, then our driver will drive your vehicle back to Turner Bend and park it across from the store.  Remember to specify where you want your key to be placed. This fee will include  a parking permit for 1 vehicle, 1 access wristband for 1 person to take out your boat at Turner Bend landings.  The 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. person does not have to pay for the shuttle however they do need to purchase an access wristband  to take-out or put-in at  our landings. If you have any questions please call us!


From Turner Bend to Campbell is 12 miles 
From Campbell to Mill Creek is 13 miles

To float the lower part from Turner Bend to Campbell or to Mill Creek arrive at
9 am on your scheduled date; our staff will follow  you to Campbell or Mill Creek in our vehicle; when you arrived at the take-out point, park your vehicle and walk down to the river to take note of the landscape marking of the river take out where your trip will end, so that you don't over shoot the take out point.  We will then take you back to the Turner Bend landing for you to start your trip.

We recommend that you book your private shuttle online with specific instruction written in the "special request" section when and where you want the shuttle service to be.  It gives our drivers a heads-up to be available on the scheduled date. 

When you have a big group the most cost effective is to book a 'ride along' shuttle and buy extra access wristbands for your friends to access the Turner Bend Landing.  However, on the busy weekends, sometime we do not have a driver to do the 'ride along'  shuttle.  In such case, you can drive your friends and their boats to the put-in, drop them off with their boats and only one person drive back to Turner Bend to book a shuttle.  We then will take you to the put-in point.

You can purchase a shuttle, additional access wristbands, and parking permits in store or online.  

high bank

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Indian Creek


High Bank


Mill Creek

Mulberry River access points

Access and Parking fees
Turner Bend Landing is for loading/unloading boat only. We would like to keep our loading zone at the Turner Bend Landing free from congestive boats and boaters. If you can not remove your boat within the 10-minute window please move your boat to the gazebo area and wait there. 

Access fee is $5 per person and not per boat.  If you purchase the wristbands  online  please come to the store to get them before heading to the river. Access fee does not include the boat lift or parking for your vehicle.

Parking permit is $5 per day per vehicle or trailer; it does not include an access at our landings.  You can purchase parking permit, access, and shuttle online or in the store. If you have multiple boats additional access wristband is required for each person to access our landings. . If you purchase a parking permit online then please come to the store to get it before heading to the river.

All private boater parking must park across from the store parking lot on Saturday and Sunday. Parking lot across from the store is open 24/7. Parking lot on the Turner Bend store side  closes at 7 pm daily.

**Shuttle fee for private raft is charged per person.
**Shuttle fee includes a parking permit for 1 vehicle and a 1 wristband access at the Turner Bend Landing.
**All Private Shuttles -- are expected to load and unload your own boat. Our driver can help.
**Parking  for private boats is across from the store. Please display parking permit on the windshield of your vehicle.
**Parking permit is required on both side of the store parking lots and at the Round the Bend Campground.  
**Parking permit is $5/vehicle.
***Access is $5/person.
**River access wrist band is required for the use of Turner Bend river landing.  **River Access wristband is per person and it does not include parking or lift ticket.