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The Ozark Highlands Trail roams 218 miles (351 km) through parts of seven counties in northwest Arkansas.  It stretches from Lake Fort Smith State Park, across the Ozark National Forest, to the Buffalo National River. The trail passes through some of the most remote and scenic portions of the Ozark Mountains, like the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area. It also crosses White Rock Mountain, Hare Mountain, the Marinoni Scenic Area, and many other scenic spots.

The OHT stretches from Lake Ft. Smith to Tyler Bend.  We only run shuttle from Lake Ft. Smith to the Ozone areas. The shuttle for the easter section is provided by others that listed below here.

When booking online on the section 'special request' detail your hiking plan for us to review your request. After booking your shuttle online, on the day of your hike drive to Turner Bend Outfitter Store to meet your driver. We will transport or follow you in our vehicle from Turner Bend to your ending point of your hike and drop off your vehicle, this count as one destination and the charge of 1 fee on the chart. After dropping off your vehicle at the ending point, We then take you to the starting point of your hike; this is another destination fee on the shuttle's chart; add the two fees together and that is the total cost of your shuttle--taking you to the ending point and taking you to the beginning point of your hike from the Turner Bend Store. This shuttle fee accommodates up to 3 passengers in our vehicle. Extra passengers beyond 3 will be charged an extra fee of $25 per person. You can always choose to hike to the Turner Bend Store and that involves only 1 fee. Hike to Fanes Creek road-1520 is 2.5 miles from the Turner Bend Store.

Another option is for us to drive and meet you at the ending point of your trip and leave your vehicle there. We will then take you to the beginning point of your trip in our vehicle. This shuttle will involve 2 access points and you will need to reserve the shuttles for the beginning point and the ending point. Our store opens at 8 am therefore, the earliest our driver can meet you at the ending access point is between
9:00-10am depending on the distance.

Our shuttle drivers are available for service Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. Saturday and Sunday will require extra fee. You can arrive a day prior to the shuttle date and camp at our Turner Bend campground or lodge with us in one of our cabins or cottages. All of our cabins and camping can be booked online.
Call the store 479-667-3641
Our cell number 479-209-3782
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Ozone to Indian Creek

Ozone to Fanes Creek

Ozone to Tyler Bend

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